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  • an exchange with sol lewitt

    catalog for “an exchange with sol lewitt” exhibition, Mass MoCA/Cabinet Space

  • paper and stones

  • overflow and drift

    overflow and drift audio excerpt – coming soon… forces: okkyung lee, cello and sine wave oscillators link for download: [coming soon] score: [pdf]

  • forms of forgetting

  • shifter issue 16

    shifter issue 16           “eccentricity.” Shifter 16 (2010): 169.

  • space with sound

    exhibition catalog for Sound in Space: Annea Lockwood, Seth Cluett, Steve Peters, Steve Roden         2010, Space with Sound, Martin Gallery, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA  

  • bypass issue 2

    bypass issue 2           “A Phatic Topography: Two Recent Works with Sound.” Bypass 2 (2010): 128-139.

  • fleeting and massive

    fleeting and massive [soundcloud][/soundcloud] forces: movement research at judson church, 24 people with hammers, rocks link for download: [mp3] score: [view pdf]

  • open space magazine issue 10

    open space magazine issue 10         “Le Corps est une Usine à Sons/The Body is a Sound Factory: Postlude to the Work of Henri Chopin (1922-2008).” The Open Space Magazine 10 (2008): 93-98.

  • tools of mind

    tools of mind         “Two Duos for Rubbing Stones on Stone (On a Poem by Giacinto Scelsi).” In Tools of Mind, edited by Matthew Marble, 17. Portland: FO(A)RM, 2007.

  • leonardo music journal issue16

    leonardo music journal issue16         “Toward a Post-Phenomenology of Extra-Musical Sound as Compositional Determinant.” Leonardo Music Journal 16 (2006): 42.

  • palmetto (with robert kushner)