electronic music 2012 panel with marina rosenfeld, c. spencer yeh, and keith fullerton whitman at the pew center










Conversations and 

performances with Keith Fullerton Whitman, Marina Rosenfeld, and C. Spencer Yeh
Moderated by Seth Cluett

December 13, 2012

11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Latvian Society
531 North 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Electronic Music 2012 is the first part of a series examining the current culture and practice of electronic music. One of the overarching themes that The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage has been investigating is the evolving musical experience in America and how it relates to our cultural expectations. Within this evolution, electronic music is on the forefront of several avenues of discovery. Technology continues to both fuel and inform this field in creative ways as fresh approaches are constantly explored. One of the contri

buting factors has been a growing acceptance of conceptual virtuosity over instrumental virtuosity and the re-thinking of what defines an artist or musician. Hybrid performance models have appeared that are now commonplace with electronic music coming out of both traditional and DIY communities. Through the use of alternative spaces and formats of distribution many practition

ers are reaching wider audiences in exciting and unexpected ways.

On December 13, Keith Fullerton WhitmanMarina Rosenfeld, and C. Spencer Yeh will join us for an in-depth conversation about

these topics and more.  All three of these composers/performers are leading practitioners in electronic music and have profoundly influenced the field. The discussion will be moderated bySeth Cluett, Assistant Professor of Music in the School of Contemporary Arts at Ramapo College of New Jersey. After the panel discussion, Whitman, Rosenfeld, Yeh and two groups from the Philadelphia area, Data Garden and the Jesse Kudler/Ian M. Fraser duo, will take the stage for a series of performances.