video, new work for instruments and video performer at LOOP Festival, Barcelona 5/28-6/6

senses of place - loop festival 2015














28 May/06 June 2015

Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona

Curated by Barbara Held and Yapci Ramos

A project by LOOP 2015 and Hangar in collaboration with the Orquesta del Caos

[Beyond the Image: Sound]

LOOP Barcelona 2015, the Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona, Hangar, Eyebeam, PHONOS [Universitat Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona] and the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre de Tenerife present ‘Senses of Place’ a large programme of exhibitions, screenings, performances and workshops curated by Barbara Held and Yapci Ramos that takes over the spaces of the historical building of the Reial Cercle Artístic to create a collective environment by artists channeling their work through  sound, expanded cinema and new media. ‘Senses of Place’ will also be accompanied by 2 workshops at Hangar by artists Daniel Neumann and Wolfgang Gil.



An Immanence of Nature | Collective exhibition with the artists Richard Garet, Barbara Held and Yapci Ramos | Gallery Space

In this exhibition, artists use technology to collect and present images and sounds that re-contextualize how we see the world. Through close-listening, focused sight, and careful attention to perception, these artists have created a microhabitat that rewards active exploration and encourages thoughtful contemplation of how we understand the world around us through our senses of sight and sound. [Seth Cluett, text from the catalogue of the exhibition]

Winter | sound installation by Richard Garet, 2008 Blue Zone

This surround 4.0 sonic construction focuses on winter as a subject. This interpretation was made from aural material recorded during December 2007 and March 2008 within the same 16-foot perimeter location in Astoria, Queens, NY.

Dark Before Dawn | video by Blake Carrington, sound by Soundwalk Collective | Hall

‘Dark Before Dawn’ explores the subjective choreography of sound and image, the feedback loop between the two that informs and shapes what we think we see and what we think we hear. It takes the viewer through a slowly shifting, minimal and foggy color space that follows the contours of the album ‘Ulysses Syndrome’ by Soundwalk Collective. The piece was commissioned by Soundwalk Collective for their album ‘Ulysses Syndrome’.

Acoustic Imaging the Hudson | video by Melissa F. Clarke | Hall

‘Acoustic Imaging the Hudson’ shows a subsoil, underwater topography and past glacial movement; a particular profile of deep time and space history reaches the surface through sound signals and transmitted image data. The installation shows the relationship between sound and image, water and sound, and with the sediments beneath.

Color Tones | sound installation by Wolfgang Gil | Courtyard

‘Color Tones’ is a site-specific, generative sound installation that produces its sonic content in response to the sounds occurring in the space in which the piece is installed. Comprised of slowly shifting tones and textures diffused over a multichannel sound system, the installation invites the audience to enter into a meditative dialogue with the listening space. The piece is punctuated by periodic silences, during which it listens to the room and produces new content.

Recollections | video by Seth Cluett | Courtyard

A single, unedited, wide-angle shot of the edge of a forest, this video contains monaural audio of the sound of a person walking from the left to the right of the screen. The visual occlusion of the forest combines with audio, in which the close-mic’d detail  provides no cues for locating the position of the walker. The viewer is forced to search, knowing that there must be a connection between hearing and sight, but is compelled to rely on scanning the video carefully in search of alternative clues as to the location of the sound source.