installation on view for Test Patterns at The Current Museum of Art in NYC 11/4-12/15



The Current Museum of Art calibrates its vision alongside works by Kawandeep Virdee, Daniel Temkin, Claudia Hart, Matthew Biederman, Carmen Aguilar y Wedge, Nitzan Bartov, Ashley Baccus-Clark, Ece Tankal, Sam Lavigne, Seth Cluett, Charles Eppley, and Casey Reas that interrogate how signals configure images, how concepts resolve into focus, and what patterns we can set in motion for the future of art.

also on view: TRANSFER experiments with digital media formats in an immersive triptych rotating 3D video, generative software, and animation works by artists such as Philip David Stearns, Rosa Menken, Rick Silva, Nicolas Sassoon, Rollin Leonard, and Laturbo Avedon.

60 Sullivan Street, NYC, 11a-6p M-F (and by apt.)