Performing and Leading Workshop as Part of Espacios Resonantes Festival, Santiago, Chile Nov 13th to 20th

“Espacios Resonantes” is a project that invites us to explore and transform built environments based on sound experimentation, to understand the interaction between architecture and listening. The spaces used are abandoned industrial architectures, with long reverberations, where sound stops in time and space emerges.

From November 14 to 26, 2022, “Resonant Spaces: Architecture and Listening Festival” builds a collective and participatory instance, which through sound and auditory practice, will make the aural architecture of two urban infrastructures emerge: a glass of 20m high water and a 220m/sq buried pond located in Recoleta, Santiago de Chile.

A multidisciplinary community of national and international artists, researchers, architects and musicians will generate talks, workshops, concerts, talks, performances and installations open to the public, to transform and speculate on these spaces and their sounds.

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