performing with Claudia Schmitz and Nicola Hein (UnStumm) at Harvestworks on Governors Island

From the Harvestworks press release:

UnStumm – Conversation of Moving Image and Sound Featuring Seth Cluett |
Harvestworks Art and Technology Program Building 10a Nolan Park Governors Island
TODAY – September 9th – 3:30pm
From South Ferry, the closest ferries to the event time leave at 2:30 and 3:15

UnStumm ( – created and curated by Nicola L. Hein and Claudia Schmitz – is a project for real-time film and music (Echtzeitfilm) for cross-disciplinary and cross cultural collaboration between visual artists and musicians from Germany and other countries. It aims to create an environment of cultural and creative exchange, where a common complex artistic language is invented and used to communicate narratives, and textures, colliding, combining, and attracting worlds of sight and sound. Since 2016 UnStumm has performed in 12 countries worldwide. Collaborations have taken place with more than 65 live visual artists, musicians, and dancers. In their audiovisual live performance, they will use live electronics and moving image for an immersive experience. Over the past years, UnStumm has collaborated with Seth Cluett on several telematic augmented reality performances. This performance will be the first in-situ collaboration between UnStumm and Seth Cluett.

After the performance, UnStumm will present their augmented-reality app and platform UnStumm – Augmented Voyage ( This app enables real-time telematic augmented reality performances with video, movement, and sound.