aperture is distortion: anamorphosis

media: plywood, mirrors, 8 loudspeakers, 8-channel ambisonic sound, custom software
duration: infinite
dimensions: variable
year: 2016

In this work, viewer/listener position changes perspective at the intersection of sound and cinema. By using a purpose-built periscope, the aperture in the wall inside the viewing space serves as a framing device for an external environment dedicated to travel or movement, the mirror produces a form of real-time cinema by making the near by landscape uncannily unfamiliar by presenting it from a different vantage. With a ‘photo-realistic’ sound track that is directly from the environment but decoupled temporally from the real-time implied ‘moving image’ of the mirror reflection, the work presents a plausible fabrication of immersive qualities of the external environment, a new, critical truth about the movement of people and the audible traces of urban inhabitation becomes clear.


d an interview with Barbara London about this work and its companion piece aperture is flexible: in media res[ PDF ]

commissioned for the group exhibition ‘Max Feed‘ at FRAC Franche-Comté
curated by daniele balit