into implicit secrecy and silence #2

media: 4 loudspeakers, 3D PLA print, mirrors, 4-channel sound, custom software
duration: infinite
dimensions: variable
year: 2016

In his text Realist Magic, Objects, Ontology, Causality, Philosopher Timothy Morton suggests that rhetoric is “a gravitational field that sucks us from delivery to withdrawal, from the sensual into implicit secrecy and silence.” In the first iteration of this work, I was interested in minor aberrations in space and time caused by corporal movement that might make us aware of the relationship between our bodies and the perceived world. By re-imagining the parts of the Michelson-Morley Interferometer used to detect gravitational waves as a fictional tool to prepare humans to perceive fluctuations in space-time, the rhetorical questioning here was applied to the veracity of scientific assumptions of truth. For this version, the mirror is trained on 6th Ave, pointed at the world trade center in the background with a small triangle of green space in the foreground. Here the rhetoric under critique are the icons of the city that dwarf the small beauty of urban foliage.

Exhibited during Test Patterns at the Current Museum

November 4th to December 15th, 2016