to notice and remember

media: virtual reality, LIDAR scans, ambisonic audio, custom software
duration: infinite
dimensions: variable
year: 2016

presented as part of the group exhibition ‘Space Between the Skies‘ at Apexart in New York City.

Exploring the metaphorical and psychological space of the woods, the collaborative project by Seth Cluett, Ricky Graham, and Christopher Manzione uses contemporary virtual reality technology to immerse viewers in an uncanny 3D environment. By using sophisticated LIDAR technology and 360° audio recording equipment, this group captured a site in New Jersey to create a virtual reality experience that sonically guides the viewer into a serene, enveloping space. However, the recording from the scanner by Manzione is purposefully incomplete and fractured. Cluett and Graham then re-fill the space left over from the imprecision of the scan with ambient swells and flourishes. Recombined in virtual reality, the original recorded visual data represents a fleeting memory, while the aural interpretations act as an attempt to regain what was lost. Where Virilio would suggest that the virtual “window” or “teleport” would create a sensation of “no more delay” or “no more relief,” this piece instead offers a contemplative manifestation of how we try to hold on to lingering impressions.  (text by Nicholas O’Brien)