World and Place Evaporating

A walking virtual reality installation

In collaboration with Christopher Manzione

Philosopher and Ecologist Timothy Morton wrote that “ecological awareness consists precisely in concepts such as world and place evaporating, leaving behind real entities that are far closer than they appear in the mirror of human conceptuality.” The framing of ‘the world‘ and of ‘place‘ as grand unifying ideas that define communities is idealized, distancing humans from the inhabited planet and it’s eroding resources. World and Place Evaporating examines layers of reality that both dissipate and reveal, shifting orientations that become incursions on our comfort, and the ever shifting framing of our point of reference that highlight the narratives we tell ourselves about what we’ve done.

On View at the kim? Contemporary Arts Center in Riga, Latvia
Oct.20th – Nov.28th, 2017

Commissioned for Moving Image Art Fair
Feb.27 – March 2nd, 2017