eccentricity walking from scores

Eccentricity in Walking from Scores opening July 9 at CIVA Brussels

A collection of text and graphic scores to be used while walking

‘Walking from Scores’ is a collection of hundred verbal and graphic scores by artists, collectives, and composers on walking, listening and sound production in urban space. The project explores the relationship between the aesthetic sphere and the everyday, the dynamics of sound and listening in urban space, and the (porous) boundaries between artist and audience, based on two premises: an interest in walking, seen as a relational practice, as a tactic of interaction with places, as a way to “read and rewrite” urban space; a focus on text scores, interpreted as catalysts for action, as invitations to action open to all.

DATES Friday, July 9, 2021Sunday, August 8, 2021
HOURS 10:30 – 18:00
TICKETS Free entrance. Registration is mandatory. Book your tickets (click here).

Elena Biserna // Courtesy: the artists and collectives, Boris Kršňák, Horace Cardew, the Estate of Ben Patterson, The Estate of Max Neuhaus, the Heirs of Walter Marchetti, the Estate of Anna Halprin // Co-produced by: Q-O2