new work in Ephermospheres on Governor’s Island presented by Harvestworks

Harvestworks on Governor’s Island

Opening August 28th and running through October 31st 2021, Ephemerospheres is an installation of electroacoustic audio works for wave field synthesis speaker array. The system’s creator, Mike Bullock, is a composer and intermedia artist whose work centers on listening to the unique qualities of particular spaces, both while recording natural environments and while creating virtual ones with loudspeakers.

Bullock designed and built his wave field synthesis (WFS) speaker array as part of Ears In Space, an umbrella project that includes his work in spatial audio technology as well as environmental recording. He considers Ears In Space complementary to his artistic practice, operating in the overlap between his art and collaborations with other artists and researchers.

Combining Bullock’s own compositions with those of a guest composers Seth Cluett and Linda Gale Aubry, Ephemerospheres will create a shifting audio ecology that adapts itself to the room and its occupants in the welcoming quiet of Nolan Park. Among the pieces in Ephemerospheres will be “Ultrasonisphere” (2020), the first piece conceived for the Ears In Space wave field synthesis array. It is composed primarily of the ultrasonic sounds used by bats for hunting and communication, along with other environmental and synthesized sounds.

Title(s) of works and durations

Mike Bullock:

“Ultrasonisphere” 17:40 min.

“Various Divergences 2.2: Drehorgelmann” 4:05 min.

“Vernalities” 13:36 min.

“Hydrophonosphere” 7:16

“Azure Ticket” by Linda Gale Aubry. 8:21

“Falling through the map” by Seth Cluett. 9:26