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  • Diary of an Image – DD Dorvillier

      Diary of an Image – DD Dorvillier           “Extra Shapes,” in Diary of an Image – DD Dorvillier – Danspace Project Platform 2014, edited by Jenn Joy and DD Dorvillier. New York: Danspace Project, 2014.

  • Tacet Revue (03)

    Tacet 03           “Sound, Space, and the Politics of Listening.” Tacet Revue 3 (2014).

  • the multi-sensory museum

    the multi-sensory museum           “Ephemeral, Immersive, Invasive: Sound as Curatorial Theme 1966-2012,” in Multisensory Museum: A Cross-disciplinary Perspective on Multiple Modalities of a Museum Experience, edited by Nina Levant and Alvaro Pascual-Leone. New York: AltaMira, 2013. Print.

  • artspeak/coffee news pamphlet

    artspeak/coffee news pamphlet         in collaboration with Justin Luke (Audio Visual Arts)

  • movement research performance journal issue42

    interview with Zeena Parkins           “Zeena Parkins in Conversation with Seth Cluett,” Movement Research Performance Journal 43 (2013).    

  • leonardo music journal issue23

    leonardo music journal issue23         “Sound or Its Absence.” Leonardo Music Journal 23 (2013): 92.

  • artpulse magazine – in conversation with richard garet

    conversation with richard garet           “On Sound. Richard Garet in Conversation with Seth Cluett,” ArtPulse 16 (2013).

  • parisonic room

    exhibition catalog for parisonic room, 2012       Parisonic Room, Gaité Lyrique, Paris, France

  • ed osborn – standing wave

    catalog essay for ed osborn – standing wave         “Standing Wave,” in Ed Osborn: Standing Wave, edited by Scott Sherk and Kathy Burke. Allentown: Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College, 2012.

  • le quai issue 46

    le quai issue 46         “Re-thinking Site: From the Specific to the Engaged.” Le Quai 31 (2010): 4.

  • the book of guilty pleasures

    the book of guilty pleasures         “bathwater.” In The Book of Guilty Pleasures, edited by Song Ming An and Kim Cascone, 40-41. Singapore: Circadia Songs, 2011.

  • an exchange with sol lewitt

    catalog for “an exchange with sol lewitt” exhibition, Mass MoCA/Cabinet Space